The Glass Menagerie

Glass Menagerie 2

My original music for the Boarshead Theater’s production of Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie with Paula Prentiss and Ross Benjamin. The whole production was absolutely stunning – from the actors to phenomenal props, gorgeous set design by Tim Stapleton and beautiful light design by Michael Beyer. The show was masterfully directed by John Neville-Andrews. I hope that the music contributed a little bit to the success of this award-winning show.

Top of Show – fades right into Tom’s entrance and the opening monologue

Transition Music – snippets of this were used throughout the show for scene changes and entrances

Tango that we hear coming from the dance hall across the street. Most people who attended the show did not realize that this track, as well as the other dances from the dance hall – Dardanella, Ragtime and Waltz, were also written by me. It was very flattering to hear that people thought these were dances from that period. I must also say that I did NOT have to de-tune my beautiful Steinway to record these tracks – all of the processing was done later in post-production

Intermission Music

Dardanella that we hear from the dance hall

Ragtime form the dance hall across the street

Waltz – The climax of the play, the most touching and heartbreaking moment… The idea behind this track was that the Waltz “starts” on that out of tune piano in the dance hall across the street, and as Laura and Jim begin dancing, it “enters” the room and becomes real and beautiful, just like Laura’s dream. Of course during the show it was interrupted when they bump into the table and break the Unicorn (ooops… did I say spoiler alert?), so no one ever heard how this track ends!

The End of Show – the only underscore in the show that was played under Tom’s final monologue